We train you for career readiness through our Career Camp Programs. Discover the tools & secrets you need to get the Career that you want!

Why People Power?

Unlike other programs, our core curriculum, 28 Days to Employment, shares the secrets you need to sell yourself to an employer. It takes more than a cookie-cutter resume, a few references, and a work history. By following the step-by step instructions in our course, you will:

  • Write a resume that opens doors
  • Learn how to say what employers want to hear
  • Get the job you want
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Meet People Power CEO and Creator,

C.J. Brown, III

C.J. is a retired veteran who reaches people in a way others can’t and inspires them to do what it takes to build their lives succesfully. His empowering message transforms the attitudes and aspirations needed to move in a positive direction. His hearers laugh, learn, and they become more confident in discovering their potential. He shows his audience how to create an exciting future through life experiences.

CJ Brown