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Employees leave their jobs. They don’t leave a career. 87% of U.S. workers say they'd rather have a career than just a job. Career minded employees retain their positions for a lifetime.
Veteran Workforce Transition Since September 11, 2001, and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, our military has been fully engaged around the world protecting our national security interests. This engagement does not come without a cost, and that human cost is substantial. Veterans face some tough obstacles in their transition back to being productive members of civilian life. They have a difficult time with employment, younger veterans are twice as likely to be unemployed as their non-veteran counterparts; and, one in five veterans returning to civilian life from a recent combat tour is unemployed. Contrary to popular opinion the government is struggling to handle all of these issues. It is our duty as fellow veterans, as Americans, to provide a helping hand when needed. For over 12 years, PeoplePower, LLC has been answering that call to duty.  We were instrumental in the establishment of the VEA Center and the Veterans Employment Alliance, a national organization giving veterans a second chance, and will coordinate all supporting social services for this very important venture.  However, the bottom-line is in today's environment of ever increasing frequency and lengths of combat tours and a tough economy to come home to, veterans, service members and their families need our help more than ever. An important part of the VEA Center is to extend a helping hand to homeless men and women who face significant challenges to employment.  The goal of the Veterans Career Camp is to significantly reduce unemployment through a comprehensive training program leading to employment. The Camp accomplishes this mission by providing veterans with necessary training and job skills to obtain and retain competitive employment in today's ever-changing market. To meet our goal, the Veterans Career Camp partners with local businesses to provide apprenticeship and entry level positions to our graduates. Together with educational institutions, we offer an International Career Readiness Certificate upon completion of our From Deployment to Employment System and degree seeking programs.
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For more information visit: www.veactr.org