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Employees leave their jobs. They don’t leave a career. 87% of U.S. workers say they'd rather have a career than just a job. Career minded employees retain their positions for a lifetime.
Speaking Engagements At PeoplePower, we are invited to serve as keynote speakers at a variety of types of events: Corporate Conventions Business Membership Organizations Annual conferences Employee Meetings School Board Meetings Veterans Organizations ….and many more Regardless the situation or audience, we are able to adapt our time frame to suit yours.  And regardless the time frame, our intention every time is to deliver a message in a way that involves the audience. To take a look at just a few of the topics that are currently among our most frequently requested: No Such Things as Problems, Just Situations Corporations, associations, and general audiences The Difference You Make in a Life Educators, non-profits, colleges and universities and fund raising events Transitioning to Civilian Life Active military personnel - Veterans and Families in Crisis The Future Assets of America Teen leadership conferences and high schools Contact us about your event.  You can start by completing the Speaking Engagement Inquiry form or e-mail admin@peoplepowerllc.com
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