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Employees leave their jobs. They don’t leave a career. 87% of U.S. workers say they'd rather have a career than just a job. Career minded employees retain their positions for a lifetime.
Our Company PeoplePower LLC is a workforce readiness, research, development, training, and consulting firm established in 2002.  PeoplePower supports the development of talented employees to fill positions as career minded individuals and to also provide a perfect match for employers.  Worldwide, less than 25% of the workforce has the true talent to perform when they arrive at work. Lack of talent is proven to be a key contributor to both high turnover and low productivity in the workplace.  Many organizations of all sizes and across a variety of industries have chosen to partner with PeoplePower because of the effectiveness of its approach to developing individual talents and career employees for companies. We have been successful over the last twelve years with the privilege of helping candidates learn the talents necessary for effective and productive performance. We are excited for their desire to improve and have a positive effect on company productivity and as well as develop their own personal growth.  We're helping organizations send employees home at the end of the day energized by what they were able to accomplish at work. Employees want to do great work, and this is more likely to happen if they have the talent to complete the job.
Our Beliefs and Philosophies Much of what we do in our workforce development programs begins with fundamental human behavior. We help clients recognize their natural talents, as well as what inherently challenges them in their overall effectiveness in finding a true career. It is important that the candidates for employment are intentional about what they do well. Further, observing those who struggle repeatedly with a number of basic bad habits, we see over and over again that these poor habits are, pure and simple, not intentional. For this reason, we strongly advocate “intentional” discipline. In all of the development we do with our clients, we encourage them to: Be Honest Be Kind Be Humble Be Tolerant Be Productive Be Accountable Serve Others Ask and listen when in doubt Have a positive mental attitude These principles form the cornerstone of our philosophies, in the workforce development we do and in how we serve our clients. The importance of workforce development It is crucial for the career minded employee to possess not just the skills and abilities to do the job, but also the talent. A candidate for a position within a company is judged based on the opportunity factor the employer is seeking and his/her talent to perform at the highest level.