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Employees leave their jobs. They don’t leave a career. 87% of U.S. workers say they'd rather have a career than just a job. Career minded employees retain their positions for a lifetime.
Business Opportunity Do you want to expand your portfolio of workforce development services offered in your market? Are you looking to add another revenue stream for your business? Are you interested in a ready-built 21st Century Academic Workforce Readiness Curriculum? We are currently recruiting a network of consultants across the United States, Canada and Europe to expand the reach of our 21st Century Academic Workforce Readiness Curriculum. We have a commitment to keeping things simple... both for those struggling to find employment and for the facilitators.  The 21st Century Academic Workforce Readiness Curriculum is designed as a facilitator led academic curriculum, not a program or an event. We at PeoplePower, LLC believe that the road to a career needs to: Go beyond the traditional skills. Be relevant to the client needs and interests. Help clients succeed in rebuilding their lives. Help clients live long, successful and productive lives. Increase clients self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Help clients earn a substantial living by finding a career, not just a job. The curriculum is built upon concepts of steady progress over a six week period and investing in a manageable amount of development for those attending. We recognize there is often not enough time to build your own programs based on the employer’s needs and requirements.   We've built a robust, comprehensive curriculum that you may now make available to those in your community that are struggling to find employment and increase your revenue. Are you interested? If you're interested and would like more information, click here
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