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Employees leave their jobs. They don’t leave a career. 87% of U.S. workers say they'd rather have a career than just a job. Career minded employees retain their positions for a lifetime.
We develop people into talented, effective and productive career minded employees. Most of those struggling to find employment are using methods that have been used for decades.  They fail to realize that a cookie cutter resume and a few references will not help them find employment.  The key challenge for the unemployed is learning how to find a career, not just a job, which can be done by applying our unique 21st Century Workforce Readiness Curriculum.  The combination of our training, guidance and discipline equals success for both the employer and candidate. Whether one is a typical candidate or a long-term employee, we extract one’s true talent which then leads to a highly productive career minded employee. To achieve the results that both the candidate and employer seek, we offer steady-progress-over-time approaches or customized services to fit any situation.
Our Specialties: 28 Days to Employment the 21st Century Workforce Readiness Curriculum From Deployment to Employment transitioning Military Veterans to a Civilian Career Future Assets of America for high school and college students From Corrections to New Directions for those being released from prison From Welfare to Work that Really Works Mov’in on Up for those struggling with homelessness to rebuild their lives In all of our programs, we bring flexibility to provide academic workforce development services with your budget in mind and all within 28 Days. PeoplePower, LLC is a Veteran-Owned business.
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